As we have heard, 10,000 people turn 65 years old every day. What will your life feel like at 65? The future does not need to be a mystery; with proper planning you can anticipate how your coming years will look–and stay in the driver’s seat. How? By making choices early. At The Care Plan we believe a key component to aging successfully is acquiring a practical understanding of the complete journey. Knowledge of what lies ahead can help you meet aging-related challenges confidently.

When we counsel clients who wish to plan their futures, we break down the lifecycle into age groups and to more clearly describe what is generally occurring in people’s lives, as well as what needs to be done to prepare for navigating the years ahead with clarity and control.  



Adult (approximately ages 40 to 65)

Typically the adult years are characterized by active lifestyle, focus on career and family, and stable health. These years are focused on current goals with an eye toward retirement and planning. People in this stage are often:  striving for career success, securing a financial future, maintaining a home and caring for loved ones (children, parents, family).

Adult Checklist

There are a number of things to consider in planning for your future and The Care Plan can provide guidance and resources for goals such as

  • financial and retirement planning
  • finding legal representation for creating a will and related documents
  • creating a medical history log
  • establishing a plan for health insurance, both short-term and long-term.

Retirement (approximately ages 60 to 75)

Retirement is a time of possibility and offers the opportunity to enjoy the life you have created for yourself. Full-time employment may transition to part-time work, hobbies, travel or volunteering. Many people invest their time and experience in organizations they are passionate about, or pursuing individual interests. If you have planned well during your Adult years, your financial outlook will be clear and feel comfortable.

The Retirement years can sometimes bring a decline in physical or cognitive functioning. Taking immediate action on health-related concerns and consistently pursuing preventative measures, such as regular doctor visits and screenings will help maximize quality time and well-being.

People in this age group are usually:  enjoying personal interests or travel, spending time with loved ones while they may experience health changes and challenges.

During retirement you should become familiar with health-related resources available to you. We have compiled a variety of resources that may be useful during these years and throughout your life. These include:

  • Home based services
  • Web based services
  • Community based services
  • Condition specific services
  • Alternative living arrangements

Retirement Checklist

As in the Adult years, the Retirement years will require a new perspective on topics such as

  • Financial stability
  • Making sure legal documents are in place
  • Maintaining a comprehensive medical history
  • Assessing whether current housing is appropriate and safe
  • Utilizing The Care Map (contact us for more information)

Illness & Adjustment

Many individuals will face illness in their later years. Although it can strike at any time in life, disease is more common in the aged.   At The Care Plan we encourage you to approach this possibility with the same consideration as other major events, with foresight and practicality.  Aging mindfully includes making clear decisions and providing your support team the tools to care for you as you wish before illness arises.  

Making important decisions now does not need to be daunting.  The Care Plan can support you every step of the way to ensure clarity, comfort and control for you and your loved ones.