Updates From The Care Plan

Keeping our clients informed with latest trends and techniques in the health & aging realm is our first priority.

Romantic Love and Caregiving

Becoming the caregiver for your partner in a romantic relationship can be very heartbreaking. There are challenges as a couple you will have to face together. One of challenges is feeling resentful that this is happening to you. What often makes it feel even worse is...

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The Enduring Power of Passion

A notion that often exists as an undercurrent in our lives rather than a main player. I’ve been thinking a great deal about passion lately, and in many of its contexts. The start of the year has been fast and furious for The Care Plan as an organization, and for...

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You Are Valued

Originally, this blog was supposed to be an invitation. An invitation to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of The Care Plan. It still is, but as an organization that focuses on the health and aging needs of marginalized people, there are larger issues looming. Our...

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