Becoming the caregiver for your partner in a romantic relationship can be very heartbreaking. There are challenges as a couple you will have to face together. One of challenges is feeling resentful that this is happening to you. What often makes it feel even worse is that you can’t express how you feel with your partner.
Unfortunately, this is normal.

Your Romantic Partner
The person you’re caring for is now resentful because of the loss of their independence.
They internalize and project their pain on to you.
Here are some of the emotions they could be experiencing:
  • feeling less than the person they use to be,
  • feeling less attractive,
  • feeling like a burden,
  • and feeling useless.
Having to drastically adjust to a new way life can often damage the person’s self image and self esteem.
Caregiving is Tough in a Romantic Relationship
From your point of view as the caregiver you could possibly be feeling unappreciated by the person you love. This can possibly lead to feelings resentment and hurt. You also could be experiencing the following:
  • overwhelmed by the additional responsibilities
  • possible financial worries that have been suddenly placed upon you
  • and a sense of loss.
 Two Ways You Can Recover
  1. Remember to BE KIND to yourself. This means any form of self care that will help manage your stress levels.
  2. Always BE HONEST with yourself in regards to your feelings.
If you or someone you know is experiencing this situation, please don’t hesitate to reach out for support. The Care Plan will provide support, guidance and the proper tools to assist you with your situation. Call @ (630) 479-0083.