Why Should I Plan Ahead?


The years spanning from retirement to the end of life represents a time of possibility. The opportunity to connect with loved ones, to ignite new passions and hobbies, or simply enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of labor present vast potential. In addition to space for freedom and growth, these years are often accompanied by sobering reminders of the body’s transition and decline. Stiffness of joints and muscles, and short-term memory loss eventually give way to more challenging concerns. Regular exercise, a nutritious diet and self-care can mitigate and postpone many health conditions but for most people at some point we must navigate the full reality of the aging body.


There are a myriad of decisions to be made when dealing with aging transitions or health changes. Aside from determining advanced directives, estate planning, and financial security, a host of long-term care choices arise. It is common for the first time a home health, caregiver company or rehabilitation center is even discussed is from a hospital bed, after a fall or a debilitating illness. The hospital social worker can provide a list of approved agencies, but that list may be 30 names long. Culling through that list, contacting and interviewing practitioners takes hours of work. An unwelcome proposition to undertake when feeling weak or impaired, as most people feel when in the hospital.


The average cost of living in a private room for one month in a nursing home is $6,965, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. Contemplating an annual personal expenditure of $83,000 in nursing home care alone highlights the importance of finding the resource that best meets your needs. An investment of that type deserves more time and attention than can be given at the point of dealing with an immediate crisis.


For many, the emotional tolls of illness and aging drive the desire to plan ahead. The confusion, insecurity and anxiety inherent in making life changing decisions for another person is a great burden that is often placed upon loved ones. While we carefully investigate our options, price shop, and take time with other life decisions such as buying a home or car, we leave the majority of aging decisions to chance. The Care Plan is your best resource for understanding the aging process, clarifying intentions, preserving assets and documenting a comprehensive strategy for loved ones when and if they are in a position to advocate for you.

Care Mapping

At The Care Plan, we cultivate a culture of client-directed care. Our client-directed approach to care means that we keep you firmly rooted at the center of health and aging decisions. We listen first, share expertise and advice on your aging future. Prepared with knowledge and perspective gleaned from our years of expertise, you are able to anticipate potential needs and plan accordingly. It is impossible to have your wishes executed if you have not prepared adequately to age. Failure to plan ahead generally results in choosing the path of least resistance when faced with a health challenge, and it is easy to fall between the cracks.

Care Mapping is a tool that has been long utilized by the medical field to coordinate services for the best treatment of a single condition. At The Care Plan we expand upon that definition for a truly integrated client-directed personalized guide to aging, including:

Our commitment to client-directed care is reflected in the process of care mapping. When you contact The Care Plan, you can choose to pursue the most comprehensive service we have – My Care Map, or we can focus on one of the areas above.

My Care Map

The ultimate tool in long-term care, My Care Map clearly lays out a navigation plan to aging. In a consultation with The Care Plan, typically between 2-5 hours, a Navigation Manager will consult with you, gather information and hone clear objectives for the future. After the consultation, the Navigation Manager drafts the document and includes recommendations and timelines for completion to ensure you stay ahead of health and aging crisis. Our clients time and again site the value of the process in feeling secure about aging.

After the document is completed, your Navigation Manager will review it with you and a select number of loved ones during the Delivery Consultation. In a professional and compassionate manner, your wishes are layed out clearly for the people who may ultimately be advocating for you in the future. By answering questions ahead of time and communicating them clearly, you relieve family and friends of the responsibility for trying to read your mind. Armed with My Care Map, and an engaged support team, successful aging is well within your reach.

The whole consultation was very thought-provoking, I especially appreciated the Support Team planning. Jacqueline helped me match the strengths of my family with my future needs. It feels less burdensome than just hoping they will figure it out when the time comes.”

Dawn B.

2015 Client