We take pride in our ability to provide clients with the best service possible. With over 10 years in Health and Aging, our Founder, Jacqueline Boyd has served hundreds of clients just like you.

Testimonial Videos

Case study videos from clients who have personally benefitted from the health and aging expertise provided by The Care Plan.

Vernice Thorn on how The Care Plan helped her mother and herself.

Jennifer Cleary on Caregiver Trainer and At-Home Planning.

Victori Motherwell on founder, Jacqueline Boyd’s leadership effectiveness and organizational expertise.

“Our Navigation Manager is amazing! She helped my mother during her breast cancer treatment and the multiple complications that arose because of it. She also helped my sister and I when we needed it most, trying to understand the complex Health Care systems and to help us figure out how to get everyday life needs addressed as well! It was hard to understand what was happening at times because so many doctors and nurses were saying different things, or speaking too fast or not being clear. She helped us throughout the process by explaining things, researching and advocating for my mom. She made sense out of the chaos – all the while, remaining calm, compassionate and rational (emotions we struggled to possess at times). I cannot say enough about how much this helped and how much everything she gave of herself means to us!”


2016 Client

“Jacqueline was a huge help to my mother and I when we needed extensive in-home care. She was always friendly, supportive, understanding, and readily available during a very sad and difficult time of our lives. She provided a sympathetic ear and was always very respectful and in touch with the needs of both caregivers and her elderly clients.”


2015 Client

“When I was diagnosed with fast growing cervical cancer, Jackie’s presence with me in doctor’s appointments, during surgery, and in the recovery room gave me the confidence I needed to navigate successfully through a terrifying crisis, my way. I highly recommend Ms. Boyd’s advocacy and health crisis management services for anyone facing a personal health emergency. She will ensure that you are steering your own destiny, and will support your choices in each step of your recovery journey.”


2012 Client

Ms. Jacqueline Boyd is by far one of the hardest working activist for the LGBTQI community I have ever had the pleasure of working with. As a former fellow Leadership Team Member of a nonprofit that we both helped create from the ground up, I have gotten the opportunity to observe Jacqueline’s ability to help uplift and empower those individuals in her community who have been neglected, ignored, or have had their voices silenced. It’s not possible to find a more loving and dedicated person to help you navigate a sometimes difficult healthcare system and help you find the right solutions to your family’s health care needs.”

Dr. Katrina Sanford

Clinical Psychologist, Washington D.C.

Jackie Boyd’s number one asset: she puts people first. Jackie’s passion for LGBTQI justice crosses boundaries of race, class, and geography as she brings together people who care deeply about the needs of LGBTQI persons. As a pastor, I’ve experienced Jackie’s commitment to help elders in the congregation navigate their care needs — in particular, Jackie helped an older gay man (with no children, whose partner was deceased) to think about his future with his extended family and his church family; her compassion and knowledge combined to assist in moving him to the next step.”

Lois McCullen-Parr

Reverend, Chicago, IL