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Plan Today, Map Your Future.

At The Care Plan we are dedicated to keeping you in the driver’s seat while you navigate health and aging. We believe you should have the tools and resources to make informed decisions, ask the right questions and have clarity about the future. If you or a loved one are struggling with a healthcare crisis, are worried about making the “right decision,” or simply have anxiety about aging, we are here to help.

Planning for Your Present and Future

The Care Plan is a Chicago based business that provides two primary services: My Care Map for your future, and Care Management services for your present.

Expert consultants provide insightful assessment, advice and coordination across healthcare and aging systems to achieve immediate goals for you or a loved one. Support includes attending appointments, advocating with your physicians and medical providers, planning sessions with your family and support team, selecting facilities and providers, and referral to resources. We help you understand your options and make informed decisions to improve quality of life.
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This comprehensive “road map” to aging is tailored to you and your needs. Together we assess current needs and future challenges, clarify goals, and create a single document which contains the full spectrum of your needs from retirement to end of life. My Care Map is the best way to design and deliver on the future you want.
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Clients are experts of their care and define their own success.



Help you successfully navigate health and aging challenges using a dedicated client-directed approach.



Affirming services for LGBTQ individuals and communities.


Keeping You Updated

At The Care Plan we believe in empowering our clients to be experts of their own care. We provide you with the resources you need as a caregiver or care recipient. Connect with our YouTube channel for weekly videos, visit our blog or sign up for the newsletter. We keep you informed on trends and techniques relevant to navigating health and aging challenges.

Meet Your Navigation Manager

Your Navigation Manager at The Care Plan is a compassionate advocate, and your best resource for successful aging. When faced with a health setback, comfort and relief can be found in consulting with a Navigation Manager who has guided others through a similar situation. If you need an extra pair of hands to research options, coordinate services or even to ask questions and advocate on your behalf, your Navigation Manager is a confident and practiced resource. We thrive on solving problems, educating and empowering you to overcome challenges, and establishing clear practices for successful aging. Utilizing The Care Plan‘s Care Mapping techniques, Navigation Managers troubleshoot the road ahead and make practical recommendations to keep you in the driver’s seat for the journey.

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